Gabriel formed and has been leading 5 bands:
- Finnugor (symphonic black metal/viking metal band)
- Ywolf (dark gothic orchestral band)
- Infra Black (industrial/terror EBM/gore EBM band)
- Aconitum Vulparia (dark ambient band)
- The Flow (gothic industrial band)
- Gabriel Wolf (ritual space ambient solo project)

He also contributed in other bands such as:
- Valar (as singer)
- Azaghal (as speaker)

Record Labels

He was signed to the following professional record labels:
- Adipocere Records (France)
- New Aeon Media/Hammerheart Records (The Netherlands)
- Irond Records (Russia)
- DSBP Records (USA)
- Finsterniis Records (Hungary)

- Hellektro Holocaust Records (Hungary)